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Your team’s time to shine

Elevate your team building activity with challenging, exciting and fun activities onboard the iconic Melbourne Star and around the vibrant surrounding Docklands precinct.

Lift your team’s performance while encouraging problem solving, strategic thinking, friendly competition and team spirit with inventive team building activities in a unique and memorable location. They’ll never forget how they worked together to come up with solutions, pushing themselves and rising to the challenge 120 metres above the glittering city of Melbourne.

Build relationships and foster better communication in your team as they test the limits of their creative thinking and step out of their comfort zones inside the temperature-controlled cabins with 360 degree views of the city sights. We’re offering a choice of activities delivered by Australian team building experts, Be Challenged, that will test, energise and motivate in different ways, delivering an unforgettable experience in a totally unique environment.

A sensational team building exercise that sees a group with no prior musical knowledge or experience discover their hidden potential as they perform a classical music piece under the baton of their very own conductor in a Private Cabin on Melbourne Star! Learning about themselves and each other, this team challenge is fun, motivating and stimulating, delivering spine-tingling moments as the group comes together in concert above the breathtaking sights of Melbourne.
Go team
Looking unearth hidden gems in your team’s performance? This state-of-the-art GPS enabled treasure hunt takes place both on the spectacular Melbourne Star and in the vibrant surrounding Docklands. Go Team is the perfect way to foster teamwork and strategic thinking, encouraging individuals to discover the leadership qualities that will enable them to truly shine.
This competitive game pushes teams to their limits as each group works to complete a combination of mental and physical challenges within a given timeframe on and around Melbourne Star. Your team’s collaboration and communication skills will be pushed to new heights as they made to strategise, focusing on their strengths to solve as many of the problems they can before they come back down to earth and time is up!

Ready to rise to the challenge?