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Fly with us - first class!

Whether it’s a staff meeting or a romantic date, a Melbourne Star Private Cabin provides a great opportunity to host an event with a unique spin, combined in spectacular fashion with panoramic flights at 120m above the glittering city, for an experience unlike any other in the Southern Hemisphere.

Take off for up to three spins on the Melbourne Star while enjoying your choice of music or Melbourne’s hottest tunes.

Book your own Private Cabin that can accommodate up to 15 guests and enjoy a catered flight.* 

Contact us to find out more about our special Private Catered Cabins, or refer to our Events Factsheet for more information.

*Limits have been placed on entry and throughout our attraction to ensure compliance with single space density requirements – a distance of 1.5 metres from all other persons with a maximum of 10 guests per cabin (including infants & children). 


Currently unavailable
1 Rotation* $350
2 Rotations* $400
3 Rotations* $425
Commercial photo/film shoots options available – Contact us

*Without food and beverage.