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Meet Melbie Bear

The big-hearted star of the Melbourne Star

Have you ever seen this fine, fluffy figure around the Melbourne Star? Why, that’s our good friend, Melbie Bear!

Who is Melbie?

Very little is known of Melbie Bear’s early years. All we know for sure is that one cold and crisp winter’s day, Melbie arrived by train at Southern Cross train station with only a warm hat, a scarf and a big appetite… for fun! Straight away, Melbie noticed the glittering lights of the Melbourne Star shining in the evening sky and knew this must be a very special place indeed. An adventurous, magical soul, Melbie has been around the world and is full of stories. But, having circled the globe and seen many wondrous things, the sights, sounds and beautiful people of Melbourne made such a great impression, that Melbie decided to stay and enjoy our great city with us. Turning up at our door, we were totally taken with Melbie’s charm, flair and love of fun and we soon found that others loved Melbie just as much as us. These days, Melbie is a treasured member of the Melbourne Star family, welcoming visitors with all the brightness and sparkle of the Star itself!

What does Melbie like?

Melbie loves people, whoever they are and wherever they’re from – especially the visitors to the Melbourne Star. That’s because Melbie loves people who are fun, adventurous and free-spirited. Always friendly and always kind, Melbie likes to help everyone enjoy themselves with a unique sense of humour and a generous heart. Including everyone, no matter who they are, is Melbie’s special talent, with an effervescent personality and natural charm making Melbie a wonderful companion.

Where can I meet Melbie?

A fun-loving, creative and sociable young bear, all you need is some friends who love fun and something to explore – and Melbie will be there to make magical things happen! Whether it’s Christmas, Diwali, a special sporting event, Melbie loves the big occasions and can always be found around the Melbourne Star whenever there’s something to celebrate.

Melbie is a modern bear, so you can also follow all the fun on Facebook and Instagram. #melbiebear

Can Melbie come home with me?

Melbie is a friendly and caring bear who is looking for warm, loving homes to bring a little magic to. If you’re worried about looking after Melbie, have no fear! Melbie isn’t a fussy eater, tidies up without being asked and loves cats, dogs and children of all ages. Melbie’s favourite colours are bright blue, like the summer sky, and bright green, like the leaves of trees in the sunshine. If you want to offer Melbie a snack, try cupcakes (any flavour will do, but especially chocolate) and Melbie wouldn’t be a real Melbournian without enjoying a good cup of coffee.

Melbie looks forward to welcoming you and your family on a magical adventure at the Melbourne Star!

Melbie’s Adventures

Melbie loves an adventure! When Melbie isn’t at Melbourne Star, our loveable mascot is exploring the world around us, from beautiful tranquil gardens to the busy bustling city. Help us bring Melbie’s adventures to life – download them below and fill them with colour!

Meet our Melbie Bear
Melbie on Melbourne Star 
Melbie exploring Melbourne 
Melbie at sea
Melbie on a flight 
Melbie on an air balloon
Melbie playing in the park

Need a little help? We love adding colour to Melbie’s adventures too, so colour along with us here:

Melbie on Melbourne Star video
Melbie exploring Melbourne
Melbie at sea
Meet our Melbie Bear
Melbie on a flight 
Melbie on an air balloon video
Melbie playing in the park video


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